Author Spotlight: Mother Goth!

(photo credit, Anginet Page)

Mother Goth was busy preparing for her favorite night of the year, but we managed to catch her for a few brief questions...

What's your inspirations for some of your spooky rhymes?

All my poems are autobiographical. Mary Had a Little Beast? Me. The decapitated shepherdess in Little Bo Dead? Also me. The murderous unicorn in If You’re Stabby and You Know It? In truth, Stabby was one of my dearly departed husbands, but as they say, write about what you know… or who you kill. I’ll leave it to my dear readers to determine which is which.
Who is your favorite author?
Alas, poor Edgar. How I loved him. It was my crow that finally did him in. A word to the wise—crows do not like being mistaken for ravens.   
What is your favorite part of being an artist? 
Tracing around the bodies.
Where do you like to create your art? 
Wakes. The reference is so very good. 
What music (if any?) do you like to listen to while you work on your Rhymes? 
A nice upbeat requiem mass or howls of the tortured.
What's your favorite kind of bat?
The Louisville Slugger. Handy when one is fresh out of knives and arsenic.
What's your favorite part of Halloween?
The convenience of leaving the skeletons out on the lawn.
How will you be spending your Halloween? 
In the cemetery, digging up a date.
Favorite spooky movie?
My home movies. Or “evidence” as the prosecuting lawyers call it. 

Her book Mother Goth Rhymes is coming late Summer 2019; pre-order your copy today!

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