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Coming soon: Frank Thorne's Lann!

Coming soon: Frank Thorne's Lann!


Move over Barbarella, here comes Lann!

While Frank Thorne is known primarily for his works Ghita (with a deluxe arrival reprint by Hermes Press in 2017 and Volume 2 coming in 2019) and Red Sonja, he also created the sexy cyber heroine Lann!


Bursting from the pages of Heavy Metal back in the 80s, the sexy dark haired super-spy Lann with her droid Glitch and Shard go on some exciting space adventures! Fresh from her recent rejuvenation treatment, Lann and her companions are sent on a mission to find two kidnapped girls from Neon-Six. The new adventure is filled with bed-hopping, zap guns, space ships, anatomically detailed robots, and lots and lots of sex!

This is a great X-rated space opera- Barbarella meets Blade Runner! Come along for the ride.

This deluxe limited edition is limited to 1,000 copies! It will also contain a historical essay and never before seen Frank Thorne art!

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