The Art and Humor of Johnny Hart is coming soon!

For immediate release:
The Art and Humor of Johnny Hart is coming soon!

Coming Winter 2018, it's The Art and Humor of Johnny Hart!

The Art and Humor of Johnny Hart; ISBN 978-1-61345-159-5; $49.99 paperback 272 pages; all color; introductory essay by R.C. Harvey; hardcover with endpapers, printed laminated cover, to fit into your library with Hermes Press' The Art of Jim Davis' Garfield.
The late Johnny Hart and his two longtime comic strip series B.C. and more are coming to Hermes Press in a monograph dedicated to the artist: The Art and Humor of Johnny Hart!
Back in 1958  Hart created and drew B.C., followed in 1964 by writing The Wizard of Id, and the two series have been beloved by the nation and the world ever since. This exciting art book will detail Hart’s life and his work, both of which were totally intertwined. The book will feature all original art from the strips, as well as original photographs of Hart supplied by his family, and other amazing, never-before-seen material from behind the scenes.
Join Hermes Press as we explore the worlds of cynical cavemen and the medieval world of “Id”, using all never-before seen art and original material! It’s going to be a must-have for any fan of the series or Johnny Hart.
This book will add to Hermes Press’ already impressive lineup of art monographs of important comic artists, including Alex Raymond, Jim Davis, and Frank Frazetta!

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