Update: New Pre-Orders!

We have quite a few new things for you to look at...

For example, we have an all-new art book coming out soon!
Check out Ooooooh Doctor! A Pictorial History of Classic Nurse Paperback Covers: A salacious and kitschy collection of paperback covers of "Nurse Paperbacks" in full color!


And since we're always Phantastically excited about The Phantom, we have several new pre-orders up for The Ghost Who Walks: The Phantom Avon: The Complete Series Volume 2, The Phantom: The Complete Newspaper Dailies Volume 11, and we're excited to announce the pre-order for The Phantom: the Art of the Ghost Who Walks, coming at the tail-end of the 80th anniversary of The Phantom. 

While we're on the subject of Lee Falk, Mandrake the Magician: The Complete King Years Volume 2 will be out shortly, so you might want to grab a copy before it's sold out!

And we wouldn't want to forget about Johnny Hazard! Pre-order your copy of Johnny Hazard The Newspaper Dailies Volume 5 today! 

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