Women In Comics: MSU's Exhibit & more!

Recently publisher Dan Herman and Managing Editor Eileen Sabrina Herman traveled to Michigan State University (MSU) to visit their Special Collections. The head of Special Collections, Randy Scott, has been kind enough over the years to allow us access to their archives, and as a result we are able to copy the press proofs of The Phantom, Johnny Hazard, and other series that we are currently reprinting.

While we were there we encountered a really neat exhibit, one dedicated to Women in Comics; one of the focuses was on Trina Robbins, a noted comics historian, artist, and writer for Hermes! So We wanted to share that exhibit with you. 

This photo is from our SDCC premiere of Babes in Arms, which Trina organized and wrote; you should pick up a copy from us today if you don't already own it! All of the other photos were taken at the MSU Library...we just wanted to throw in our own book of women in comics!

These were all taken at MSU; they feature women artists and writers of women's history in comic art!

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