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Coming soon: Phantom Dailies Volume 13!

Coming soon: Phantom Dailies Volume 13!

Hermes Press Publisher Dan Herman returns with his regular Youtube series to discuss and show off the advance copies of The Phantom Dailies Volume 13! Coming soon to a comic book shop near you!
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We've got quite a collection of Dark Shadows reprints!

We've got quite a collection of Dark Shadows reprints

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August 09, 2018


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  • Enjoy a Garfield sale! Half off all of our Garfield titles!
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SDCC 2018 Photo Recap!

Here are a few photos of our time at San Diego! It was great to see everyone, and we look forward to even more amazing projects to premiere next year!


Above: The yearly staff "family photo," including some of our new posters in the background!

Above: Trina Robbins showing off her Babes in Arms, and Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson with her new book, DC Comics Before Superman!

Above: All of our current Phantom Avon novels, (V1-8), along with our Sal Velluto Phantom comics.

Above: Nicky and Trina during a signing of their books

Above: Our in-progress booth setup before the show starts!

Above: Publisher Dan Herman, author Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson, and Managing Editor Sabrina Herman at SDCC!

July 06, 2018


harlan ellison ›   trina robbins ›  

"Me and Harlan" - Trina Robbins


Trina Robbins

I first met Harlan Ellison at a science fiction convention in New York in the 1950s. He approached me and asked me how tall I was. Satisfied that I was shorter than he, he asked me out. I was 16, he was 21.

Harlan lived down the hall from Bob Silverberg, whom he was in awe of, because Bob was already a much-published writer. Harlan himself had just sold his first book, “Rumble,” later reprinted with the classier title, “Web of the City,” in which Harlan claimed to have run with a teen gang using the name “Cheech Beldone.” He swore it was all true. I didn’t believe him.

We didn’t last a year, and I moved on to a handsome but terrible boyfriend who liked to make anti-Semitic remarks, and when I objected, would say he was just joking. But Harlan had become part of my karass. The word karass comes from Kurt Vonnegut’s book, “Cat’s Cradle.” It refers to a group of people who are somehow linked together for some reason, so that they keep showing up in each other’s lives. Fast forward to the early 1960s; I’m married and living in Los Angeles, and Harlan moves to L.A. to write for Star Trek, and we resume our friendship, adding my then husband, Paul, whom Harlan likes, to the karass.

In 1963, Paul went with Harlan to march for Civil rights in Selma, Alabama. I stayed home because we could only afford airfare for one, and Paul, being a man, was “more important” (It was 1963!). Harlan wrote it up for Playboy and Paul wrote it up for the underground newspaper, The L A Free Press.

Harlan was doing well, writing science fiction, movie and TV scripts, and articles for top-of-the-line magazines. When the Rolling Stones came to L.A. in 1964, he interviewed Bill Wyman for Playboy, and brought us along with him. Because of Harlan, I also got to meet Edie Adams, the very funny wife, then widow, of the incredibly funny Ernie Kovacs.

In 1966, Harlan wrote the screenplay for a movie which even he admitted was possibly the worst movie ever made, “The Oscar,” and in it was a supporting character named Trina, played by Edie Adams. Harlan said he based the character on me. Edie wanted to meet me, so that she could better understand the character she was playing, so Paul and I met her for lunch at the studio. Edie was smart, funny, gracious and beautiful, but when I saw the movie, she wasn’t the least bit like me.

That same year, Paul and I split up, and I moved back to New York. It was a no-fault separation, but even though Paul and I remained friends, Harlan somehow felt he had to take sides, and of course he took the side of the man (it was 1966!) and told everybody that I was an evil vampire who had broken Paul’s heart.

After that, Harlan and I would run into each other at conventions, and although his negative feelings about me cooled down, he liked to tease me by calling me by my maiden name, since he was the only friend left who had actually known me before I was married. I think maybe he was hoping to get my goat, but it didn’t bother me (I have been called far worse than my maiden name!) and I was always pleasant in return

Harlan could be a true friend, too. When “Women and the Comics,” my first history of women cartoonists, which I co-wrote with Catherine yronwode, was published, a certain cartoonist sent angry letters to all the comic industry magazines and newspapers, calling me names like elitist and careerist, because I had left out the names of some women whom he had published in his magazines. Truth told, I had forgotten about them because they didn’t really draw comics, but just single panel cartoons. But Harlan phoned to offer me his support, saying that the cartoonist was just jealous. He phoned me again when Ted Sturgeon, who had been friends with both of us, died.

The last time I spoke with Harlan was when I phoned him, hoping he would blurb my memoir, “Last Girl Standing.” He told me he was very ill, too ill to write anything for me. Once again, I didn’t believe him; I thought it was just an excuse so he wouldn’t have to write anything for me.

I’m sorry, Harlan, I shoulda believed you.


We have BIG SAN DIEGO COMIC CON news! Check out our AMAZING exclusives this year: Lara Park and Jim Steranko signed limited editions!


Check out our AMAZING exclusives this year: Lara Park and Jim Steranko signed limited editions!

Lara Parker Dark Shadows the Complete Newspaper Strips Special

Dark Shadows the Complete Newspaper Strips Special Lara Parker Signed Limited Edition Comic-Con Exclusive. To celebrate the release of Hermes Press’ Comic-Con premiere of Dark Shadows the Complete Newspaper Strips a special exclusive edition with a unique and different cover (from the general circulation version of the this book) with a special tipped-in plate signed by legendary iconic Dark Shadows star Lara Parker, in a limited edition, will be available solely at the show.

This special, signed limited Lara Parker edition of Dark Shadows the Complete Newspaper Strips will be available for pre-order through our website but can only be picked up or purchased directly at our booth.

This is a preview of the Lara Parker signed plate- doesn't she look great? We can't wait for attendees to see it in person!

Jim Steranko, special signed, edition of DC Comics Before Superman

Jim Steranko, special signed edition of DC Comics Before Superman the Pulp Comics of Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson. Hermes Press proudly presents the Comic-Con world premiere of the first in-depth reprint of DC Comics founder Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson’s comic book stories based on his original pulp fiction adventures, DC Comics Before Superman the Pulp Comics of Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson. This important new book offers reprints of rare comic book stories published by National Periodicals. This Comic-Con exclusive edition of the book offers a special cover (not used for the general circulation version of this tome) and has a special tipped in plate signed by comic book legend Jim Steranko(who wrote the foreword to the book). It’s also signed by author Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson and hand numbered. This special limited edition also boasts an exact replica of one of the pulp stories used as a basis for one of the comic book stories found in the book (not included in the regular edition).

Available for pre-order on our website but must be picked up at the booth; also may be purchased at the booth while supplies of this limited edition last!

This special, signed limited Jim Steranko edition of DC Comics Before Superman the Pulp Comics of Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson will only be available for pick up at our booth at the show.

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