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Hermes Press

Scratch9: Cat of Nine Worlds

Scratch9: Cat of Nine Worlds

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Written by Rob Worley

Artwork by Joshuah Buchanan

192 Pages

All Ages title

Caught in a mad scientist's experiment gone wrong, an ordinary house cat named Scratch gains the extraordinary ability to summon any of his nine lives to get out of a fix. Referred to as Scratch9, he is the world's greatest super-cat. Now, for the first time, Scratch9 appears in his own super-sized graphic novel with a story that continues his Eisner-nominated (the comics' worlds' Oscar) adventures! In the great traditions of Mighty Mouse, Underdog, and the classic Hanna-Barbera cartoons, Scratch9 makes a triumphant return in his first full-length feature. This time, though, Scratch's ability to summon his nine lives won't help him against his evil opposite Strick, who sends Scratch back in time to the ice age. Now our hero must journey through history to claw his way back to his best girl, Penelope, and make the world safe again!

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