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The Irwin Allen Collection

Get the COMPLETE Hermes Press collection of Irwin Allen titles TODAY!

This limited set includes:

Time Tunnel ("It's back, the complete reprint of Gold Key comicsTime Tunnel comic book series. This is the second volume of Hermes Press's complete reprints of all of the Irwin Allen sci-fi television show tie-in comic books. Now, for the first time in over forty years read both issues, back-to-back, together with documentary material, essays, blue prints from the show and more! Full color and digitally remastered, Time Tunnel: The Complete Series brings these comic books back looking better than when they first hit the stands.")

Land of the Giants ("The classic Irwin Allen television series tie-in comic book Land of the Giants returns in one complete volume collecting all five issues. Hermes Press' Land of the Giants: The Complete Series features stunning artwork by Lone Ranger artist and Silver Age great Tom Gill.")

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Volume One ("It's Back, the comic book adaptation of one of the most famous and popular sci-fi television series of the 1960s: Irwin Allen's Voyage to the Bottom of Sea. The first of two hardcover volumes featuring reprints of the entire series of Gold Key comic books featuring Admiral Nelson, Captain Crane, and the Seaview.")

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Volume Two ("Hermes Press continues its complete reprints of all of the Irwin Allen comic book television tie-ins with Volume Two of Voyage to the Bottom of Sea. Journey on seven action packed sci-fi adventures finishing the complete reprint of the series.")

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