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Good Girl Art by Ron Goulart - Paperback

Good Girl Art by Ron Goulart - Paperback

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Paperback: 224 pages
9" x 12" color

Noted comics historian Ron Goulart has done it again! Not content with producing the definitive histories of great adventure comic strips, the great pulp magazine writers, comic books, and most recently his best selling encyclopedia of the comics, now Goulart has produced the final word on good girls in the comic books with Good Girl Art.

The phrase "Good Girl Art," first coined in the mail order catalogs of the American Comic Book Company, didn’t come into wide use among fans, collectors and dealers until a few decades ago. However, the phenomenon existed almost from the beginning of the comic book business in the 1930s. The term refers not to magazines that contain drawings of virtuous girls but rather to those featuring good drawings of attractive women. These pretty girls are most often scantily, sparsely or provocatively clad.

Good Girl Art chronicles, in fourteen image-filled chapters, every aspect of the genre. Good Girl Art looks at the Golden Age origins of scintillating women in comic books starting in the late 1930s, the bad girls of Victor Fox, the crime comics of Charles Biro, the exploits of the first Phantom Lady, Torchy, The Black Cat, and more.
Good Girl Art explores the effects of the Wertham Crusade, its aftermath, and beyond, to the resurgence of good girls in the 1970s, all the way to the present.
Good Girl Art covers the publishers, the comic books, and the artists. With insights that only Goulart can provide, readers are given an in-depth and behind-the-scenes history of good girl art in the comics. Good Girl Artalso uses rarely seen original artwork by such legendary comic artists as Matt Baker, Lee Elias, Joe Chiodo, Dave Stevens, Brian Bolland, Frank Cho, and Adam Hughes, to name but a few. Not only is Good Girl Art informative and fun to read, it is truly a pleasure to look at with over 175 illustrations.
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