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The Phantom Dailies: Vol. 9

The Phantom Dailies: Vol. 9

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Referred to by comic strip historian Maurice Horn as the "granddaddy of all costumed superheroes," The Phantom was created in 1936 by Lee Falk with artwork by Ray Moore. The daily version of The Phantom ran separately from the Sundays until the "Fathers and Sons" storyline. Starting with that story, which began on February 21, 1949 and ending with "The Ape Idol of the Durugu" concluding on May 6, 1950, the continuities ran together. Collected in this volume are three complete continuities (including the Sundays in their color versions) reprinted for the first time in their entirety ("Fathers and Sons," "The Flirtatious Princess," and "The Thuggees"), with a comprehensive essay and documentary materials.

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