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The Psychedelic Rock Art of Carl Lundgren - Limited Edition

Forward by Mitch Ryder (Lead singer of the Detroit Wheels)

Introduction by Russ Gibb (Legendary Detroit Radio Personality)


This signed and numbered collectors edition of 224 pages includes a treasure of iconic rock art of the American rock scene spanning over five decades created by legendary psychedelic artist, Carl Lundgren. With a variant cover, limited edition signed and numbered bound-in page of original art and measuring in at an enormous 9.5" X 14" this monstrous volume will need a kickstand, not included.


Music inspired, science fiction and fantasy combined in a way that revolutionized poster art of the Psychedelic 1960’s-era. Famous for his rock posters, The Psychedelic Rock Art of Carl Lundgren, a Detroit, Michigan based artist, showcases his posters which were as important to the Detroit Music and Art history as were the music legends themselves; The Who, Jefferson Airplane and Pink Floyd to name a few. The book’s forward is written by Mitch Ryder, who was lead vocalist of a Detroit 1960’s rock group The Detroit Wheels. The introduction is by Russ Gibb, a former radio personality and rock promoter from Dearborn, Michigan, who played a major role in the late sixties/early seventies Motor City music scene. Whether looking for something fun, entertaining or reminiscent, this book has it all! The Psychedelic Rock Art of Carl Lundgren presents Carl’s posters in a unique way that will evoke emotion and memories. The only thing left to say is “Buy the book!”

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